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Miitomo - Nintendo Saavy by NintendoFanYes Miitomo - Nintendo Saavy :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Miitomo - Cosmic Power by NintendoFanYes Miitomo - Cosmic Power :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Miitomo - cute and clumsy vs fangirl by NintendoFanYes Miitomo - cute and clumsy vs fangirl :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Miitomo Compilation by NintendoFanYes Miitomo Compilation :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 The Final Splatfest - technical issues by NintendoFanYes The Final Splatfest - technical issues :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 1 0 Miitomo - careful who you tell by NintendoFanYes Miitomo - careful who you tell :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 1 0 Miitomo - what people throw out by NintendoFanYes Miitomo - what people throw out :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 1 0 Miitomo: Deal With It - Bad Hair Days by NintendoFanYes Miitomo: Deal With It - Bad Hair Days :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 1 0 Miifoto picture responses by NintendoFanYes Miifoto picture responses :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Miitomo Vs Mega Man by NintendoFanYes Miitomo Vs Mega Man :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Miifoto magic by NintendoFanYes Miifoto magic :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 1 0 Miitomo vs Splatoon by NintendoFanYes Miitomo vs Splatoon :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Motivational Miifoto by NintendoFanYes Motivational Miifoto :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0 Splatoon - Spyke Unveiled by NintendoFanYes Splatoon - Spyke Unveiled :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 2 0 Reasonable and necessary force by NintendoFanYes Reasonable and necessary force :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 1 2 Date Night by NintendoFanYes Date Night :iconnintendofanyes:NintendoFanYes 0 0


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Miitomo - Nintendo Saavy
A collection of Miifoto comic pics taken recently (and just before the big reveal, too!) from Nintendo's phone app, Miitomo.

Involves Nintendo's up and coming new game console, originally code-named the NX, but recently revealed as the Nintendo Switch.

The idea sparked in my mind after coming up with the idea for the first pic and the punchline, from which I created the inbetween story over the course of a few weeks.  Hope you enjoy it!
Miitomo - Cosmic Power
Miifoto pic taken from Nintendo's phone app, Miitomo.

Was created as a fun comic/picture responses to a friend's Miitomo response.
Miitomo - cute and clumsy vs fangirl
Miifoto pic taken from Nintendo's phone app, Miitomo.

Was created as a fun comic/picture responses to a friend's Miitomo response
Miitomo Compilation
Compilation of miifoto pics taken from Nintendo's phone app, Miitomo.

Created comic/picture responses to some Miitomo posts, and decided to compile and share them here with you all. Enjoy!


United States
High 20's, Male, Christian, Introverted, creative, gamer, programmer

My main hobby is videogaming, though I've lately been branching into anime/movies/television to catch up on what I've been missing. Pretty particular with my likes, but in general I like Nintendo's work and the superhero genre. Creative, like games of all kinds and have made my own simple board/computer/card games, or had ideas for them, or modified existing ones with ideas to make it better or more interesting.

I have been wanting for awhile to improve my drawing skills. Mainly doodled cartoons in the past, but wanting to move to drawing videogame/anime type comics in a more manga art style. I'm still pretty rough, but I figure the best way to get better is to practice and start drawing and posting the art. We'll see if I can keep up with it amongst my other to-do's.

I plan on starting with drawing some comics of the Disney Movie, Frozen. I enjoyed the movie, and additionally I feel like there's room in the movie to add comics to 'explain' the story more or clarify the details. After watching it not too long ago, my friends agreed that different questions remained unanswered such as "What was Elsa doing in her room all that time?". I think exploring that would be a fun place to start my comics, keeping a light and semi-serious tone throughout. I plan on answering such questions in a believable fashion and taking different liberties with the story, I'm sure the hardcore enthusiast would question the decision of some of the story arcs, but say it's like an alternative universe or a what-if? kind of scenario. Or something, just be forewarned that it likely won't agree with everyone or ~totally make sense :p Some of it will include or imply to spoiler content, but since I'll be deviating from the original story in some cases, it won't be 100% accurate spoilers. Or maybe it will. You've been forewarned. :)

Current Residence: US
Movies: Jackie Chan, Kids animated, superhero
Music: Anime/Videogame, Vocaloid, Christian worship/contemporary/hymns, Christmas
It's been awhile, but recently traded an amiibo this morning, and thought I'd take a pic and make mention of it.

Amiibo Trade by NintendoFanYes

Been busy with programming side projects lately (since I'm currently out of work), and I've not followed the amiibo scene lately.

I have been a collector of different items in the past, more recently figurines (skylanders, amiibo, etc).

Per my amiibo collecting adventures thus far:
I held in my hands original Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, and Villager when Toys R Us first released them (and had them going for like 3 for $30 or $33/$35), but I put them back, not liking how they looked, and figuring I could get them later if I wanted.  I have not seen them since, but I'm only slightly regretful (since I'm collecting them more for looks based on what I like, anyway).

Had the chance to buy Lucario, Charizard, Wario, an extra Jigglypuff, but passed on them.

Amiibo trades made so far:
pre-ordered Meta Knight from BB  -> Rosalina and Luma
bought release day at TRU, Greninja -> Pit
bought release day at GS, Ness, for trading in hopes of getting an FE amiibo -> Lucina
preordered 3 pack, Splatoon Squid -> Palutena

Current Favorite amiibo: Fox, Jigglypuff, Rosalina and Luma, custom Peach(green), custom 'dark' Zelda, custom Dark Link, custom Inking Girl Roller, custom re-posed Samus

I think I have most of the Smash line of amiibo I want, now, other than Falco, Robin, Olimar, and maybe Duck Hunt, ZS Samus, and Ganondorf.  I'm interested to see how Wooly Yoshi will look
  • Playing: Splatoon and SSB4
  • Eating: Granola bars
  • Drinking: Water, room temp


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